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  1. The life expectancy of a trampoline is five years.  TRUE or FALSE.

  2. Use of protective equipment (i.e. netting, padding) decreases the rate of injuries.  TRUE or FALSE.

  3. Smaller children are less likely to be injured using trampolines.  TRUE or FALSE.

  4. The number of people on a trampoline does not affect the rate of injury.  TRUE of FALSE.

  5. Trampoline use for children is approved by most professional groups.  TRUE or FALSE.







1. TRUE.  According to the International Trampoline Industry Association, the average life of a trampoline sold after 2004 is 5 years.


2.  FASLE.  Current evidence does not show use of enclosures and/or padding results in decreased injuries from trampoline use.


3.  FALSE.  Children under 5yrs have a signicantly increased risk of fractures and dislocations.  Additionally, in an injury involving more than one user the   

                 smaller of the two is 14x more likely to be injured.


4.  FALSE.  75% of all injuries occur with more than one person using the trampoline at the same time.


        5.  FALSE.  Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy or Orthopedic Surgeons have consistently recommended AGAINST

                         recreational trampoline use.