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This website is an extremely informative source for information ranging from the general to the specific encompassing an endless array of topics pertaining to your child and their health needs. It was developed and is maintained by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics website is a more physician focused site but contains a lot of enlightening information for the doctor inside all of us!

Centers for Disease and Control Prevention

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention is tasked with protecting public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability. The website serves as an intelligent source of information on a vast variety of topics including infectious diseases, vaccines and obesity.

La Leche League International

La Leche League International was founded in 1956 and serves as a comprehensive source for information, support and resources for breastfeeding mothers and their families.


Baby SparksBaby Sparks - Boost Your Baby's Development

BabySparks gives parents the tools to help their babies develop to their full potential: hundreds of expert-created development-boosting activities, timely essential milestone information & customized programs designed for your baby's specific needs.

KidsDocKidsDoc Symptom Checker

What should a parent do if their child develops a fever, cough, vomiting, rash, sore throat or head injury? When can a child return to school or child care after an illness? These are medical advice questions that all parents have. Health problems can arise anytime - evenings, weekends, during work hours, when traveling, or when the doctor's office is closed. KidsDoc is designed especially for these times. The care guides help parents make smart decisions on what level of care (if any) is needed and how to provide speedy symptom relief for minor illnesses or injuries that parents can manage on their own.

Healthy ChildrenHealthy Children

Key articles and videos are available on the device with access to the full site when connected to the Internet. Quick tools to find a pediatrician by location and ask a pediatrician to help you get quick answers and access. And stay current with updates and messages from HealthyChildren when new information and apps are available.

Iron KidsIron Kids

Everything a young athlete needs to safely and effectively build strength, balance, fitness; and prepare to excel in sport and keep playing by preventing injury. This 45-minute workout ran by Jordan D. Metzl, MD, FAAP, nationally recognized sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, 29-time marathon runner, and 9-time Ironman triathlete. It includes detailed demonstrations to work the core, upper body, and lower body; as well as strength training pointers and tools to create custom workouts and set goals and reminders.

Car Seat CheckCar Seat Check

Quickly learn what car seat is right for your child based on age, height, and weight. Installation instruction videos, audio clips, and articles help you use the seat safely. Review the full sortable product guide updated for 2013, including prices and size limits.

Child Health TrackerChild Health Tracker

Child Health Tracker gives parents the power of on-demand access to their child(ren)’s health information, needs, and providers; and AAP guidance on the vaccinations and milestones they should be expecting.

Vaccines On The GoVaccines On The Go: What You Should Know

In a continued effort to provide the public with information about the science, safety and importance of vaccines, The Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (VEC) created Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know so busy parents can access the information wherever and whenever they need it.


As a reminder, the following dose chart uses general recommendations. If you have any questions regarding your child’s dose please contact our office.

To view the recommended Tylenol/Motrin dosing chart, please click here.


To view our vaccination schedule, please click here

To view the vaccination information statements from the CDC, please click here.